Welcome to the fascinating world of British native trees and wildflowersSupported by Friends of Priors Hill Copse and The Tree Council

Welcome to Growing Native

Native trees are under increasing threat to from pests and diseases newly imported on plant material. The value of trees cultivated from locally sourced seed to minimise risk can no longer be over-stated. The Tree Council welcomes the refresh of this website, which we hope will encourage many more people to set up a local tree nursery and grow a future for our landscape" - Jon Stokes, Directer of Programs for The Tree Council.

Growing Native started in 1989, when my journey into the world of trees and conservation began with me volunteering in The Tree Council’s national Tree Warden Scheme, which resulted in me becoming a Tree Warden. Little did I know what a life changing learning journey it was going to be. Read more about Growing Native's history.


  Here you can find all the trees native to the UK whether they flourish on wet ground, lime rich or chalk soils. Furthermore you can find details on the leaves, fruits, seasonal behavior and much more. Click on any…

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Here you can find all the flowers native, and some non-native, to the UK. When collecting your materials for propagation be aware of the following: 1: Never remove plants or bulbs from the wild. 2: When seed collecting ensure you…

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Friends of Priors Hill is 10 years old Dear All, On the 15th July 2018 it will be ten years exactly from the date of our formation. We set off with high ideals to preserve the wonderful Priors Hill Copse…

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The Tree Council

The Tree Council is the UK’s lead charity for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment. It was founded as the national tree planting campaign that would follow up the success of Plant A Tree In ’73, encourage action for…

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Veteran Oak Trees

Priors hill copse Veteran Oak Trees. After over 70 years of being hidden by holly they’re finally on view. The Friends of Priors Hill Copse have spent 10 years clearing the holly and opening up the copse. All this work…

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Keep up-to-date with all the upcoming events to make sure you don’t miss out. These events are organised by the Friends of Priors Hill Copse, Tree Council and Tree Wardens.  

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View all our latest goings on in this regularly updated gallery.

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This is how to plant chamomile


Welcome to the Newsletter January 2021 The year 2020 was a sad year with the restrictions due to the covid virus which put a block on any projects being carried out. The Tree Council were able to continue with online work…

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The Man Who Things out of Trees


We love books! But there are so many out there, it’s often tough to choose the right one for what you’re looking for. This page will have our latest recommends just for you ranging from biographies, gardening titles and new…

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PRIORS HILL COPSE A beauty spot on your doorstep. Priors Hill Copse is located at the north of Butlocks Heath and the south of Old Netley, within Hound Parish (grid reference 468092) and can be accessed via The Grove in…

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Step-by-Step Guide

Collection  |  Planning  |  Storage  |  Pretreatment  |  Stratification  |  Planting  |  Aftercare Collection   Seeds can be collected as soon as they ripen, they can be collected from the tree or when they have fallen. Select healthy looking groups…

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