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The Community Fruit Area was planted today with help from The Tree Council, HPC, Friends of Priors Hill Copse, Eastleigh Tree Partnership and not forgetting the Woodland Owls. Jon Stokes from The Tree Council ran the planting event under the watchful eye of The Tree Councils new CEO Sara Lom. 300 mixed fruit trees and bushes were planted with 300 wild flower bulbs to follow.

Woodland Owls planting

Woodland Owls planting



The Tree Council planters

The Tree Council plante

Finish section of fruit trees and bushes

Finish section of fruit trees and bushes


Site prepared for the planting of 300 fruit trees and bush’s in the Community Fruit Area sponsored by Tesco Bag Grant, Hound Parish Council and Friends of Priors Hill Copse assisted by Woodland Owls play group.

Fruit area ready to plant

Fruit area ready for planting

Fruit area





To commemorate the WW1 centenary of the end of the war Friends of Priors Hill with the help of Woodland Owls planted 30 trees in the WW1 plot.

Woodland Owls with helpers

Woodland Owls with helpers

Woodland Owls with helpers

Woodland Owls with helpers




To help celebrate FOPHC’s 10 year anniversary The Tree Councils newsletter TREE GUARDIAN have released this article commemorating FOPHC anniversary.


Celebrating 10 years and the rejuvenation of Priors Hill Copse

A decade ago, just south of the bustling port city of Southampton, in Hound Parish, a wood was woken from its 70-year slumber.

Priors Hill Copses’ history stretches hundreds of years into the past as a working and productive woodland, and back in the day it was harvested for local trade, from bakers and brick makers to builders and charcoal makers. It is believed that the unique Alder Buckthorn coupe that grows here was used to produce extra fine charcoal prized as an additive to gunpowder manufacture. Rarely seen in the south of England, this wood also has evidence that it was once used as oak coppice.



A date for your diary: Saturday, 6 October 2018. The Tree Council’s South East Tree Warden’s forum.
At Laughton Village Hall, Church Lane, Laughton, Lewes. BN8 6AH.



Thanks to FOPHC butterfly monitor a species that had disappeared from Priors Hill has made an amazing reappearance. At first it was thought he had found another Wild Service tree close to the main and only Wild Service in the copse. On closer inspection it was confirmed as Guelder Rose which had disappeared off the 2009 tree survey FOPHC had commissioned for the new management plan. This is exciting news it is possible that birds dropped the seeds judging from the evidence of this plants seeds have been predated by birds.

Sighted for the first time in over 20 years

Sighted for the first time in over 20 years

Guelder rose

Guelder rose




Just some of the congratulation emails received with regards to FOPHC 10 year anniversary.

Dear Dick,

I’ve just read your wonderful email below and wanted to congratulate you and all the Eastleigh Tree Wardens on your fabulous achievements over the past ten years.

What a fantastic success to have restored Priors Hill Copse – thanks to the hard work and brilliant commitment of the whole community.

I hope I may have the opportunity to meet and your fellow Tree Partners one day and congratulate you in person. In the meantime, I wish you all the very best for the next ten years.

Warmest wishes


Sara Lom

Chief Executive

Thank you very much on behalf of me for the incredible work you have done in the 20 months i have been with HPC.

I have placed this onto the agenda for September’s meeting as i am sure that HPC members will also wish to say a huge thank you to all past and present members.


David Nevin PSLCC

Clerk & RFO

t: 02380 453732
m: 07900 056225

From: Sue Thomas
Sent: 15 July 2018 08:31
To: Secretary FOPHC
Subject: Re: FOPHC – 10 years on!
Well done to all concerned – a great achievement and we wish you a happy anniversary. Here’s to the next ten! Sue and Alun
From: Aol Email
Sent: 15 July 2018 11:26
To: Secretary FOPHC
Subject: Re: FOPHC – 10 years on!

Thank you Dick. Couldn’t have been achieved without your excellent knowledge and contacts. Well done to all at the F of P H copse.🌲🌲🌲🦋🦋🦋🦇🦇🦇. John


Woodland Owls receive Bug Hunting equipment from Tesco bag Grant Community Fruit area



Listening to what they are getting

A big cheer

A big cheer

Their role in the project will be to help with the planting but more important they will monitor the plants as part of the aftercare. The bug hunting equipment as produced some early results a Stag beetle was discovered as was a Holly Blue butterfly.

Holly Blue feeds on the flowers of the Holly

Holly Blue feeds on the flowers of the Holly

Female stag beetle found in Priors Hill Copse

Female stag beetle found in Priors Hill Copse




Friends of Priors Hill Copse is 10 Years old

Ready for planting

On the 15th July 2018 it will be ten years exactly from the date of our formation.

We set off with high ideals to preserve the wonderful Priors Hill Copse and improve its biodiversity.

We have spent ten hard years removing and controlling holly growth. Following consultation with the Tree Council and other experts, over two hundred full sized trees were removed to improve light levels by reduction of the tree canopy. This successfully reversed the decline caused by nearly seventy years of neglect. During this process we’ve managed to engage the attention and support of the local community.

All this has been achieved, due to your commitment, dedication and hard work. We’ve reached all the target goals contained in the twenty-year woodland management plan and are held up as an example of excellence to other community groups.

I won’t list all the items we’ve covered in these achievements: some of you have been there since day one, every step of the way.

What I want to say is a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. It’s been a great first ten years………here’s to the next ten! Dick Walters Chairman Friends of Priors Hill Copse