Here you can find all the flowers native, and some non-native, to the UK.

When collecting your materials for propagation be aware of the following:

1: Never remove plants or bulbs from the wild.
2: When seed collecting ensure you have the land owners permission to be on the land and to take the seeds.



Collect seeds when in season and stratify immediately and sow the following spring. They require no special treatment just let them weather and the frost to get to them.


Lift plant in Autumn and split root ball, pot up divisions and plant out in spring. Alternatively plant out divisions straight after splitting.


Cuttings are best taken in early summer, put a number of cuttings in a pot filled with a 50% mixture of sharp sand and compost. Insert the pot in to a polyurethane bag and tie the top, this will help stop water evaporating from the leaves and put of direct sun light. Check cuttings regularly to prevent cuttings rotting off, when signs of new growth appear this is a good indication rooting. When rooted pot up for planting out in the following autumn


As most of the species take a long time to reach flowering size from seed, it may be easier to buy new stock or lift and divide large clumps of mature bulbs.

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